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Community Involvement

As a good corporate citizen, the Wolters Kluwer community supports initiatives which are chosen on the basis of alignment with our business strategy, the degree of local impact, and the degree of dedication for the initiatives by our employees.

Ambitions and Strategy

Wolters Kluwer has customers in more than 170 countries. Our employees are dedicated to developing and providing our services that benefit numerous communities. We aim to improve the quality of life in these communities and this is an important part of our involvement in the world.

Community Support Framework

In 2014, Wolters Kluwer continued to use the London Benchmarking Group (LBG) community support framework to help measure and report on our community contribution in a transparent and reliable manner. This framework, which is also being used within the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, makes donations, time, and costs invested in community involvement transparent. In line with the LBG framework we recognize two types of community contributions: Charitable Donations and Community Investments. We actively focus on four themes within these programs: Emergency relief, Achieving for our community, Expertise for our community and Supporting the underprivileged.

Charitable Donations

Our employees spend time and money to enhance living conditions in communities around the world that are in direct need of our help. Wolters Kluwer actively supports communities hit by natural disasters with financial matching programs and by making its solutions available when they can make a difference.

Community Investment

Community investments are long-term projects where Wolters Kluwer partners with a local organization to improve quality of life in communities, harnessing our knowledge and expertise. As our employees often have a better eye for local community challenges, they regularly collaborate with local organizations on a project basis in order to support the underprivileged in their communities. We support our employees when they use their skills, knowledge, and motivation to help their communities advance

Community Involvement Requests

The information below can be helpful if you have a project that you would like to share for consideration. We believe that our community contributions should align with our corporate identity and business objectives so that we can critically assess proposals.

Community sponsoring efforts should therefore:

  • Be oriented towards maximizing our handprint (‘people’) and/or minimizing our footprint (‘planet’). See more about our “Triple-P” strategy;
  • Relate to our expertise, as expressed in our Mission;
  • Take into consideration our business strategy;
  • Be in line with our corporate values;
  • Leverage our operating areas: Legal & Regulatory, Tax & Accounting, Health, and Financial & Compliance Services;
  • Have a global orientation.

Wolters Kluwer at the global level does not usually sponsor local and/or market-specific activities projects. For those activities you can send your request to one of the divisional or business unit teams. See the media contacts page for more contact details.​​

If you think your proposal fits the above, please send your request with an explanation why you think your proposal aligns to We will do our best to respond to your message within a week.