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Customers and Solutions

Our information solutions help our customers serve their clients in a better and more efficient way, irrespective of the areas in which they operate: legal, business, tax, accounting, finance, audit, risk, compliance or healthcare. Our innovation-driven strategy supports a more sustainable product portfolio and helps to improve customer satisfaction.

Ambitions and Strategy

Wolters Kluwer aims to maximize its positive impact on society through the added value we provide to our customers. This added value is threefold: we help our customers use fewer resources, we offer our customers time to focus on what they believe really matters, and we enable them to provide better service to their clients. In this way, we positively impact society in two ways; directly, through the knowledge we provide to our customers; and indirectly, through the increased impact of our customers' services.

Our business strategy focuses on innovation to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and to increase our positive contribution to society. We realize that by placing sustainability at the core of our product development we ensure that we can continue to benefit society through our core product and services offerings.

Policy and Targets

Our digital solutions provide customers with a vital increase in their operational efficiency, increasing profitability and their impact on society. We introduced the Sustainable Product Portfolio as a framework for driving sustainable innovation.

In the coming years we will report and target to grow the revenue of this portfolio by motivating our development teams to find and incorporate the sustainability edge in new products.

Customer satisfaction

We improved our customer understanding last year with the continued use of the Net Promoter Score (NPS). We aim to increase our Net Promoter Scores each year to drive enhanced customer satisfaction.


Innovation is an important driver of our sustainability program. Our focus on innovation steers our product development towards efficient solutions for our customers and helps customers increase their positive impact on society. We invest between 8-10% of our annual revenues in product innovation to continuously align our products to changes in customer demand. Initiatives such as The Global Platform Organization (GPO), The Global Innovation Award and other divisional innovation programs are part of our strategy.