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Employee Engagement

Wolters Kluwer realizes that its business success depends on its employees. As a global publishing and digital information services provider, our employees are a diverse group of highly skilled and talented individuals. Their problem-solving skills and expertise are indispensable to the high quality of our products and services.

Ambitions and Strategy

Wolters Kluwer continues to focus on the development of an inclusive company culture where attracting, developing and retaining excellent and diverse talent is a central theme. We recognize the skills of our employees and aim to further develop them to their full potential. We developed four principles of our employee value proposition: Make it Better, Embrace Change, Engage the Customer, and Be Influential.

Policy and Targets

Performance depends not only on skill development, but also on every individual's engagement. Our employee engagement policy comes in four building blocks: our Talent Development program, the Employee Engagement Survey, our vision on diversity and the Global Innovation Award. The employee engagement programs are key to our success and lead to better products and services for our customers and communities.

Talent Development

Wolters Kluwer's talent programs are designed to acquire excellent talent with the right set of skills in the right jobs in our company. With these programs, we attract and retain talented individuals to reflect the diversity of our customers. Wolters Kluwer invests in the development of its employees. We see employee development as a shared responsibility between employee, manager, and employer.

Employee Engagement

The first global employee engagement survey was introduced in 2014. With 14,458 respondents - approximately 80% of our workforce - this survey is fully representative of the level of engagement of our employees. By understanding the drivers of employee engagement, we can continuously improve our policies, work processes, and development programs. Employees expressed pride in working for Wolters Kluwer and were positive about their local work groups and teamwork.


Our diverse workforce consists of approximately 19,000 employees who operate in 42 different countries, serving customers all over the world. Creating a diverse environment of employees from different backgrounds, nationalities, and talents is of the utmost importance. It is complemented by our policies to stimulate gender balance in our workforce. This year, women comprise 50% of our divisional CEO level positions.

Global Innovation Award

As our customers' needs are continuously changing, we understand that innovation is an essential strategy for exceptional business performance. The Global Innovation Award increases our employee engagement on three different levels: it stimulates on-the-job reflection about how to do our job better, it gives a positive feeling about doing the job through positive feedback, and creates an environment where employees actively take opportunities to discuss possible improvements with others at work.