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Teleroute Customers will Further Increase Time Efficiency with a Renewed Service

Simplify the daily task of searching for freight offerings by creating a faster, better and easier version of Teleroute PRO

Teleroute announces a successful roll out of its renewed service Teleroute PRO. Since 1985 that the company has continuously been innovating in the online freight and vehicles exchange, and after a deep understanding of its customer needs it has brought them an enhanced, faster, better and easier to use service aiming to improve their operations efficiency.

Teleroute is always challenging itself to improve what it offers to its customers to even better answer their needs. With close attention to customers’ feedback and needs, Teleroute has been able to simplify the daily task of searching for freight offerings by creating a faster, better and easier version of Teleroute PRO. Last year, after carefully assessing the results of the customer satisfaction survey, a prototype of the new service version was given to a selected customer user group. Users’ feedback was gathered, analysed and finally implemented. The launch took place between end of January and beginning of February, currently having more than 96% of its users already utilizing it.

Teleroute PRO is a powerful web-based freight and vehicle exchange that has been created for haulers and freight forwarders, be it customers with high offer of freights (posting) and truck capacity available (consultation). The innovative design and service functions enable the users to grow and to develop their business further by helping them to serve their clients and partners efficiently and rapidly. The re-launched version grants faster results, better search functionalities and ease of use.

All these improvements put together brings direct benefits to its customers improving time related efficiencies. As the economy is picking up, and hence it does the transport sector, the faster the freight search results are the better is for all parties involved in the freight transaction, those who have the available freight and those who have truck capacity. Hence, time factor, be it faster deals, is crucial for the business and that is what Teleroute promises to its customers as one of their core benefit.

“Based on the feedback from our customers we continuously improve our solutions to boost the efficiency and productivity of the users. We trust that the renewed Teleroute PRO will deliver the value-added services our customers expect from us”. Says Michel Van Velthoven, Chief Marketing Officer of Teleroute.