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CCH China Company Law Guide Series, Chinese Version launched

Series contains explanations of judicial decisions to help users understand application of law in practice in China

CCH China, a  Wolters Kluwer business under  Wolters Kluwer China today announces the launch of its China Company Law Guide Series in Chinese. The China Company Law Guide Series is dedicated to provide clarity on the application of company law principles and analysis on the issues faced by many companies where formal guidance is ambiguous and difficult to understand.

With China going through rapid changes in their regulatory framework, authoritative commentary becomes more critical for investors, corporations and professional advisers. The launch of the China Company Law Guide Series is timely since the increasing awareness and needs for professionals to raise the quality of their corporate compliance and minimize their legal risk.

CCH’s China Company Law Guide Series contains explanations and commentary of statutes, judicial decisions (as well as conflicting views not addressed in the Judicial Interpretations), administrative practices, commonly found issues and solutions, best practices, worked examples, specimen forms, templates, and checklists – all in the effort to help the users to understand the theory and how the law is applied in practice and quickly launch a follow up.

Designed for in-house legal counsels, company directors and compliance professionals, the CCH’s Company Law Guide Series consists of 4 volumes: Corporate Governance; Bankruptcy and Liquidation; Company Registration and Dissolution; and Company Registration and Dissolution of Foreign Investment Enterprises.

Corporate Governance Volume
Written by a group of Corporate Governance lawyers from Jurisino Law Group, this comprehensive guide covers the legal and practical aspects of how Corporate Governance should be applied to an organization. Specially designed for in-house counsels of companies and investors, the guide analyses the relevant stakeholders and their stakes and dynamically studies corporate governance in the affairs most often discussed by the board of directors and the management, such as labor management, contract management, and intellectual property management. It also discusses external supervisory authorities frequently encountered by companies in China, such as the tax authority and the administration for industry and commerce. A chapter on “Special Corporate Governance Affairs” will be added to cover special corporate governance affairs such as corporate restructuring, mergers, acquisitions and integrations, initial public offering, bankruptcy and liquidation.

“Corporate governance has been a hot topic since 1980s with the availability of many related publications thereafter. However, these publications often take on a similar approach of focusing studies on the static corporate governance institutions. It often resulted to the common believe that Corporate Governance is for publicly traded companies and board of directors only. Leveraging on our global subject matter expertise, CCH’s China Company Law Guide Series – Corporate Governance presents an all-rounded aspects of Corporate Governance that not only include the listed companies but also privately held companies that include foreign invested companies, state-owned companies, and commercial banks”, said Mr. Douglas Qi, Product Management Director of CCH China.

Bankruptcy and Liquidation Volume
Written by a leading full-service law firm in China, Jun He Law Offices made it an effort to present the complex bankruptcy and liquidation legal framework from the unique perspective of how to protect the legitimate interests of creditors in the midst of bankruptcy procedures. Hot issues such as liquidations of FIEs, cross-border bankruptcy cases and bankruptcy restructuring of listed companies are also analysed comprehensively.

Company Registration and Dissolution Volume
This step-by-step procedural guide offers concise and in-depth analysis of China Company Law and the latest development of its judicial interpretations. It covers from company set up, changes in company registration, merger and division to insolvency and liquidation of companies. With regular updates, Company Registration and Dissolution Volume give an overview on forthcoming changes affecting companies.

Registration and Dissolution of Foreign Investment Enterprises Volume
Specially dedicated to foreign investment laws and practices in China, this step-by-step procedural guide covers all aspects of Foreign Investment Enterprise (FIE) from market conditions study; setting-up; approval procedures; organization and management of capital, branches and representative office to its winding up. The volume contains templates and samples to give business professionals the know-how in applying into the business. It also enables decision makers to plan their organizational strategy effectively.

Wolters Kluwer China recognizes the importance of providing its Chinese professional community with high relevance expert information and web-enabled solutions. “The launch of CCH’s China Law Guide Series further demonstrates our commitment to Chinese legal professionals to drive results and efficiencies for them,” said Ms Shasha Chang, CEO of Wolters Kluwer China.
Updated 4 times a year, CCH’s China Company Law Guide Series is powered by IntelliConnect™, a revolutionary online research platform. IntelliConnect™ allows professionals worldwide to access and search for the right information faster and easier.

About The Authors

Corporate Governance: Jurisino Law Group
Jurisino Law Group is a large law firm offering comprehensive and thorough legal services to clients from within and outside China. Founded in 2001 by a merger between the Times Law Firm and the Highland Law Firm, both among the oldest private law firms in mainland China, and a further merger in 2007 between the Times Highland Law Firm and the Jusers Law Firm, Jurisino is distinguished by its expertise and reputation in capital markets, foreign investment, international trade, intellectual property, dispute settlement and many other areas of practice. Jurisino professionals are diversified in their backgrounds, many of whom have served as judges, government officials, law professors, corporate counsel, business managers and international consultants. Jurisino has served multinational corporations and other clients across China and around the world, and has established worldwide strategic relationships with the best law firms in the United States, the European Union, Russia, Canada, Japan, Australia, India, Brazil, South Africa and other countries, for the good of the clients.

Main authors: Mr. Eric J. Jiang, Senior Partner; Ms. Bao Lin (Linda), Senior Partner, Mr. Han Yu (Reginald), Partner; Ms. Zhao Junjun, associate; Ms. Wang Xuan (Wendy), associate; and Ms. Zheng Wei , associate.

Bankruptcy and Liquidation: Jun He Law Offices
Jun He Law Offices a leading full-service law firm in China, providing superior legal services in commercial transactions and disputes. As one of the first private PRC law firms, JUN HE is renowned as a pioneer in the re-establishment and development of the legal profession in contemporary China. Since the inception in 1989, JUN HE has become one of the largest and most established PRC-based law firms with over 300 attorneys and eight offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Dalian, Haikou, Hong Kong, New York City and Silicon Valley. JUN HE possesses strong foreign language capabilities, and the working languages include Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean. Operating under an integrated system and aided by state-of-the-art communications technology, JUN HE is fully equipped to provide the clients with professional services of the highest caliber. JUN HE's experience with enterprise bankruptcy and liquidation matters include bankruptcy and liquidation of foreign-invested enterprises (FIEs) and large domestic institutions. JUN HE is well-qualified to represent both onshore and offshore creditors and governmental authorities in bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings in China, and JUN HE is able to provide comprehensive services in the areas of accounting, labor, foreign investment, finance, real property and dispute resolution through teamwork among relevant practice groups. Jun He is among the first group of law firms qualified as bankruptcy trustees in Beijing and Shanghai.

Main authors: Mr. Wu Lei, Partner; Mr. Zhao Min, Partner; and Mr. Huang Xiang, Partner.

Company Registration and Dissolution: Zhongzi Law Office
Zhongzi Law Office was founded in 1993 and is one of the law firms of the People’s Republic of China (the “PRC”) in the form of partnership approved by the Ministry of Justice of the PRC. Over the years, Zhongzi is committed to providing its clients with full-range of legal services of good quality. The legal services rendered by Zhongzi to its Chinese and foreign clients cover, inter alia, corporate, commercial, taxation, finance, intellectual property, litigation, arbitration, etc. Zhongzi, with more than twenty partners, has more than two hundred professionals including lawyers and other professionals. All lawyers of Zhongzi graduated from well-known universities in the PRC and overseas. Some lawyers of Zhongzi practiced with leading foreign law firms for years and some of them had work experience in the legislature, judiciary, government agencies or educational institutions in the PRC.

Main authors: Mr. Jia Jun, Founder, Director, Partner; Mr. Jiang Hong Yi, Partner; Mr. Yin Bin, Partner; and Mr. Han Chuanhua, Partner.

Registration and Dissolution of Foreign Investment Enterprises: Beijing Hylands Law Firm
Beijing Hylands Law Firm is a large, full-service partnership of law founded in 2007 by way of consolidation of two prestigious China law firms, Hao Tian Law Office and Li Wen & Partners. Hao Tian Law Office and Li Wen & Partners were both founded in the 1990s and each has since grown into a leading China law firm in such practice areas as securities and corporate practice, intellectual property, litigation and arbitration, real estate, finance and foreign direct investment. Headquartered in Beijing, Hylands is capable of advising its clients worldwide through its two domestic branch offices in the cities of Shanghai and Nanjing as well as through its cooperation with over 150 law firms in more than 100 countries through Terralex, a leading network of independent law firms of which Hylands is a member. Hylands has over 25 partners, around 300 lawyers, paralegals and supporting staff.

Author: Mr. Lu Zhifang, Senior Partner.

About CCH China
CCH China, a Wolters Kluwer business is the first and largest provider of bilingual regulatory information on China. Since 1985, CCH China has been serving professionals in the area tax, accounting, business law and human resources. CCH China is the Professional’s First Choice as we work together with leading experts of the various specialized fields to deliver authoritative and relevant information solutions and insights in a timely manner. The CCH brand has been grounded in about 100 years of professional standards, stands as our customers’ critical value-adding partner across the globe. Our customers include Fortune 500 companies, multinational corporations, Big 4 accounting firms, government bodies and universities.

CCH globally has nearly 100 years of experience in publishing information on law, business, tax, accounting, and human resources. Apart from China, CCH has offices in Australia, Canada, India, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Singapore with its base in United States.

Wolters Kluwer China’s activities are strongly represented by CCH in the tax, accounting, HR and legal markets; Aspen Publishers and Kluwer Law International in the legal markets; Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Ovid and UpToDate in the healthcare market; and TeamMate in the risk and compliance markets.