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CT TyMetrix Launches TyMetrix Intelligence-on-Demand Dashboard Application for Single, Illustrated View of Legal Data

Provides C-level executives with insight, new reporting capabilities

CT TyMetrix, the premier provider of Web-based legal operations management solutions for corporate law departments and claims organizations, today announced the launch of its Dashboards product, the flagship offering in its new TyMetrix Intelligence-on-Demand business intelligence suite. The dashboard product provides a consolidated view of legal data that lets users visualize and monitor key matters, track spend and analyze performance against goals and strategies. CT TyMetrix is a part of Wolters Kluwer Corporate Legal Services.

TyMetrix’s Dashboard product provides C-level and in-house legal department executives with a comprehensive, easy-to-view perspective of legal data like they have never had before. The dashboards combine multiple sources of data into a single point of access, with highly customizable views used for comparison against standard or customized goals, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and reporting metrics. Users can utilize a series of prebuilt KPIs, developed in collaboration with CT TyMetrix customers, or build custom KPIs based on their reporting needs. Common KPIs include:  Legal Spend Month Over Month, Matter Spend by Duration, Top Cases by Spend and Law Department Budget to Actual.

“In-house legal departments have endless quantities of data held in different locations that have been collected over the years,” said John Weber, general manager, CT TyMetrix. “We believe that data is only beneficial once it is put into a format and made accessible to make better business decisions in a multitude of contexts, workflows and environments. The Dashboard product, as well as the future business intelligence applications that will come out through our TyMetrix Intelligence-on-Demand solution suite does just that, consolidating siloed legal data into a visible, customizable format that executives can use to make more informed business decisions moving forward.”

The TyMetrix Dashboard product was designed with the executive in mind, to provide seamless integration between data and workday demands. Features include:

  • Access and Performance: Utilizing high-performing technology and delivery platforms, users gain access to the dashboard through a desktop shortcut.
  • Data Access and Security: All data is encrypted during communication and while stored on the CT TyMetrix systems.
  • Drill Down and Analysis: Users can mine data to identify key drivers and influences and see the impact on performance.
  • Filters and Querying: The flexible filter and querying engine isolates data for dashboard viewing and analysis.
  • Notes, Annotation and Exporting: The annotator allows users to make notes and annotations on the dashboard while users can also easily drop KPIs into PowerPoint presentations and other documents to share with stakeholders.

CT TyMetrix will be providing demos of TyMetrix Dashboard product and answering questions about the future of the TyMetrix Intelligence-on-Demand solutions suite at the ACC Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas, on Oct. 24-27, 2010. Demos are also available to the press and analyst communities upon request.

About CT TyMetrix
CT TyMetrix is the market leader in Web-based legal management solutions for corporate law departments and claims organizations. It provides clients with quality legal management software – including e-billing, matter management and performance metrics – and the expertise required to reduce costs, improve results and gain the insight required to meet their strategic objectives. CT TyMetrix is based in Hartford, Conn., with business operations in Chicago and London. For more information, please visit or