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Martin Wuite, Wolters Kluwer CIO, delivers Keynote at Dutch Innovation and Transformation 2017 Congress: The Organization of the Future

As lead-in to his keynote address 'Transformatie onder architectuur' (video) at the 9th Annual Innovation and Transformation Conference in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands, CIO Magazine published an interview (in Dutch) with Martin Wuite, Business Relationship Manager (BRM) Legal & Regulatory (CIO) at Wolters Kluwer on the strategic approach to ICT within Wolters Kluwer, and its role in both the company’s digital transformation, and current evolution towards an expert solutions company.

CIO Magazine interviews Martin Wuite
In the interview, Wuite highlights the role of ICT at Wolters Kluwer—its leadership, strategy and governance role during the company’s ongoing transformation that has spanned more than 15 years to date.

Over the course of these years, Wolters Kluwer engaged in a rigorous program of portfolio digitization prior to a major portfolio transformation, followed by reorientations as both a data-driven, then highly customer-experience focused organization.

“Since our current CEO Nancy McKinstry took the helm in 2003, we have gone from a print/digital ratio of 75/25 to 15/85. We are now in the third phase, already as a provider of digital services and software expert solutions. This has been made possible, in part, by a technology function that has always kept moving forwards,” says Wuite.

The article traces the history of Wuite (who was nominated by the magazine for CIO of the Year in 2013) within the Wolters Kluwer and his expanded role from the traditional CIO focus towards managing and enabling the relationship between customer and solution delivery.

Highlighting the strong synergetic and collaborative way of working at the company, Wuite details three ongoing programs that enable the company to deliver its expert solutions in line with market and customer needs.

Wuite also explains the role of technology in problem-solving, BI and analytics, end-user support, and proposition delivery that spans both operational, and strategic architecture issues across the full enterprise and the company’s divisions of Health, Tax & Accounting, Governance, Risk & Compliance, and Legal & Regulatory.

About the 9th Annual Innovation and Transformation Conference
The theme of the conference, initiated by ICT Media, including CIO Magazine NL, is ‘The Organization of the Future’. The conference will be held in Dutch, and explore the crucial role of ICT in shaping the organization of the future through stepping up leadership, governance, dealing with digitization, security, speed and working in ecosystems.

Wuite’s keynote, titled ‘Growing Value through ICT: Strategy & Architecture in Digital Transformation’, will highlight his role and approach as CIO within Wolters Kluwer in enabling the company to thrive in today’s fast-changing global context. 

In the presentation, he will offer insights on how the company’s ICT strategy is enabling the Wolters Kluwer corporate strategy of Growing our Value through three ongoing programs: ‘Journey to the Cloud’, ‘An Increased Security Profile’ and ‘Harmonization of Back Office for Customer Experience Delivery’.