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Public Statement - Network and Service Interruptions

Public Statement - Network and Service Interruptions

Closing update, May 22, 10.00 CEST

Following is an update on our progress regarding the interruption of our network and services. We have now restored service to all our applications and platforms. To date, we have found no evidence that customer data or systems were compromised.

Following the detection of anomalies in some devices and servers, we took a very broad range of customer and internal applications and platforms offline to protect systems, applications and customer data, and we notified law enforcement regarding the incident. Our IT team detected a new (‘zero-day’) strain of malware for which the signature was then unknown.

After initially containing the malware, we began reinforcing protective measures. Our enterprise anti-virus vendors have provided us with updated detection files. Over several days, we then worked to bring systems and applications back on-line. This process involved system-by-system and application-by-application assessment, scanning, testing, and quality assurance protocols designed to provide protections that when we returned to service, we did so in a safe and secure way.

Our investigation of the incident is on-going. We thank our customers for their patience and understanding.