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Our Investors

Wolters Kluwer shareholders and creditors provide the capital that finances our business. We aim to generate value for our shareholders by delivering sustainable returns in the form of a regular, reliable and growing dividend, share repurchases, and long-term capital appreciation. We compensate our bondholders and other lenders with interest which appropriately reflects the risks they take.


Nearly 90% of issued ordinary shares in Wolters Kluwer is owned by institutional investors. The remaining shares are held by retail investors, broker-dealers, or are held by the company as treasury shares. Two thirds of the shares held by institutions are owned by firms that designate themselves as socially responsible. Institutional ownership is spread across many countries, with approximately 40% of institutionally-owned shares held in the United Kingdom and 31% in the United States as of November 2017.

More information is available in 2017 Annual Report.