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Kluwer and Schulinck Join Forces

With this acquisition, Kluwer Netherlands anticipates on the trend of providing civil servants and citizens information about social security legislation in a user friendly way through the internet

‚ÄčThe acquisition will enhance and broaden the position of Kluwer Nederland, part of Wolters Kluwer, on the governmental market. Schulinck is a specialized content driven company providing Dutch Municipalities with information about the 'Work and Welfare Act', the 'Services for the Disabled Act' and the 'Societal Support Act'. Civil servants are informed about the latest social security legislation through Internet, cd-roms and guides. Additionally, Schulinck supports civil servants in becoming familiar with this legislation by offering specialized courses.

Kluwer is a prominent publisher with a broad portfolio of solution oriented information services. They create, among others, multi media products for the Legal Affairs Department within Municipalities. The merger of Kluwer and Schulinck allows both parties to join their forces, and Kluwer gains a broader target group within the governmental market.

“The Schulinck products complement Kluwer's portfolio very well”says Patrick Morley, Kluwer's CEO. “This acquisition furthers Kluwer's objectives to play an ever larger role in providing practical solutions for the professional information market. Trends like government digitalization play an important role in this. We see more and more that citizens want to acquire information from their municipality through the Internet. Kluwer can support governments and civilians herein by providing up-to-date information appropriate for the Internet.”

Schulinck is an expert provider of online, customized information for Municipalities on implementation of the Dutch social security legislation. “Schulinck merging into Kluwer gives our organization the capability to realize its objectives quicker”, says Dennis Schulinck, Director of Schulinck BV.

Schulinck employs 26 staff members and has its registered office in Reuver, Limburg. Financial details about this agreement will not be released.

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