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Wolters Kluwer and the Commercial Press Sign Deal on Copyright Trade of Legal Book Publishing market

Wolters Kluwer and the Commercial Press, one of China’s most influential publishers, held a signing ceremony for a Chinese law case book at the 20th Beijing International Book Fair

​Information services company Wolters Kluwer,  and the Commercial Press, one of China’s most influential publishers, held a signing ceremony for a Chinese law case book at the 20th Beijing International Book Fair, to promote brand recognition of Chinese companies.

Kevin Entricken, CFO of Wolters Kluwer and Yu Dianli, General Manager of the Commercial Press signed the agreement.

The book which will be released, Selective Reading of Chinese Patent Cases, provides an overview of the Chinese patent system, and selects twenty patent cases which are heard by the Higher People's Courts and the Intermediate People's Courts of various provinces and cities after China's accession to the World Trade Organization. With senior intellectual property judges’ commenting on these cases, a detailed explanation of the Chinese Patent Law is given.

“Selective Reading of Chinese Patent Cases is a representative collection compiled by China’s first generation of experienced Intellectual Property Rights judges from a large number of complicated patent cases they heard, including the earliest foreign-related ones. It aims to help legal professionals understand China’s intellectual property system and to introduce its judicial practices to the international community,” Yu Dianli said.

At the Beijing International Book Fair in August 2010, Wolters Kluwer already established a strategic partnership with the well-known Commercial Press, and signed a copyright trade framework agreement which is a first step in setting up the introduction and export of legal books.

The “Wolters Kluwer Legal Translation Series” has been listed in the 12th national Five-Year Important Books Plan, which supports China’s strategy of importing more high-quality foreign content into China. The Commercial Press has co-published nine books with Wolters Kluwer including“Fundamentals of United States Intellectual Property Law: Copyright,  Patent Trademark”. After the 2011 English version of “New Challenges of Chinese Copyright Law: ISP Liability, Sports Telecasts and Google Library Project”, we are now releasing Selective Reading of Chinese Patent Cases. This publication is another prime example of how we are executing our ‘Going Abroad’ strategy.’  This book will be published in both digital and print format. Wolters Kluwer will be responsible for the global release of its English version.

Entricken said, ‘Through our partnership with the Commercial Press, we will be able to co-publish high quality local Chinese content and relevant global content. The collaboration between Wolters Kluwer and Commercial Press will enable both companies to leverage best practices and expand our cooperation in digital product sales.” 
“The three years’ cooperation with Wolters Kluwer is fruitful, successful, and achieves good social benefits.We will continue to seek opportunities to strengthen our partnership and jointly seek greater market space.” Yu said.​